Inspiration through God's Creation - gemstones in gold, gemstones in silver, God's gift of creativity and talent creates unique handmade jewelry ... Each piece one-of-a-kind; necklace pendant, bead earrings, cross pendant, cameo pendant and finger ring; one at a time, handcrafted jewelry carefully created - Unique!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Handmade Cameo Pendant - Agate, Shell - gold or silver

Carved handmade Cameos have been treasured for a long time. They are lovely and come in all different materials, primarily in Agate, Shell or nowadays Resin; and then there are the picture cameos on a porcelain base which can also be very pretty. Whatever you prefer, although your budget will play a role, too J
Though it was my love for Gemstones that wanted me to learn a jewelry making trade, but it was wire sculpted around
Cameo Pendants that I saw on an internet site that inspired me to learn the wire wrapping art. The handmade setting for a Cameo pendant, whether in gold or silver has to work with the Cameo face. I try to always compliment the Cameo or any gemstone for that matter.

Here are three handmade
Cameo Pendants, two Shell Cameo pendants in 14K Gold filled wire and one poured on  Agate Cameo in Sterling Silver with Sterling Silver beads. Enjoy!
Cameo pendants make great personal gifts, especially for Mother’s Day (May 8th) If  you would like to see more of my jewelry with PRICES, go to my shop
  or Click on  CAMEOS

Friday, March 11, 2011

A favorite Handmade Stone Pendant

March 11, 2011:

Now here is a handcrafted designer Imperial Jasper stone pendant that, by nature, is definitely a 'one of a kind', with a very unique gold setting!  This gemstone is called Imperial Jasper and it is meticulously handmade in 14K gold filled wire.  Because these are natural stones, no two color designs in the gemstones are the same.  According to that 'law', the handmade wire settings also have to be different for each gemstone. Granted, the cut of the stone can be the same, but the design is not - and the design in the stone is what inspires me; not necessarily the cut alone.  The picture above shows that beautiful stone pendant set in gold.  There are more pictures of the same pendant, just larger and different views
- Click on >:        PENDANT - IMPERIAL JASPER - in Gold

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Handmade Birthstone Rings

March 10, 2011:
One of my favorite jewelry pieces to make are these little handmade birthstone rings with gemstones.  These come with simulated gemstones and genuine gemstones.
Here is an examples of these rings.  You like? :)

You will find more of these rings - Click on > BIRTHSTONE RINGS